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What Is TWIG? An Organic Sustainable Landscape Designer for NH

Landscape Plans for Perennial Gardens

TWIG is a professional landscape design and consult company specializing in sustainable/organic creative landscape and garden design for homes and small businesses. We can also come a spend an hour or two and you can pick our brains on landscaping ideas or issues.

When it comes to landscape, planning is everything. TWIG can help you develop an overall plan for your outdoor area for installation yourself or by your favorite landscaper.

Plans can be done all at once for instant beauty or in stages as time, money and energy permit. We can advise on low maintenance, low impact, environmentally safe ways to enhance your property for years to come.


New ~ TWIG Has Seeds!

Here's what we have so far. These all come the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - a really awesome organization. Let us know if you're interested in any of these, and we'll start some for you!

Spider Flower – Cleome

Mexican Torch Sunflower

Blue Balloon Flower

TWIG has cleome seeds Mexican Torch Sunflower Seeds Coneflower seeds
This edible 'hardy annual' gets 4-6', blooms late summer into fall. Color ranges from white to pink to to dark reddish purple. Thrives in heat, tolerates some drought, and self-sows in the right conditions. Bees and butterflies love it! Big, 5' plants with masses of brilliant red-orange flowers, 2-3” each. Blooms over a long season, and loved by butterflies. While common in European gardens, these beautiful perennial flowers have roots in ancient Chinese medicine. The roots are used for a variety of ailments, and have antimicrobial, antibacterial properties. The flowers are also edible. Low maintenance, tolerates some shade and won't spread.

Dreadlocks Amaranth

Agastache Arcado Pink

Yarrow Colorado Mix

Dreadlocks Amaranth Seeds Agastache Arcado Pink Seeds TWIG has Yarrow Colorado Mix Seeds
Yah mon! Very cool-looking plant! Gets tall with edible leaves/greens all summer, then a shaggy maroon seed top. Seeds are a great source of many vitamins and nutrients. Loved by bees, butterflies and humming birds. Compact plant with flowers all summer until frost. This Anisse hyssop has pink flowers rather than the usual lavender-purple. All the good traits of yarrow, with an irresistible blend of colors—blood red, cerise, cream, yellow and white. Large flower clusters bloom until very cold weather.

Batchelor's Button Blue Boy

Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum

Dwarf Moringa

Bachelors Button Blue Boy Seeds Shungiku Edible Chrysanthemum Seeds TWIG has dwarf moringa seeds
Colorful blue, edible, double flowers on tall 3' plants. Easy to grow, blooms all season and self-seeding. Delicious green leaves are great in salads and stir-fry. The brilliant yellow flowers are also tasty! A beautiful Oriental heirloom. This Indian native miracle tree is now available as a dwarf for container growth Prized for high-protein leaves, rich concentration of minerals, vitamins and heavy load of antioxidants, it's leaves, blooms, seeds and immature seedpods are edible and seeds are a source of high quality oil!

TWIG Has Grapes for Sale

TWIG has grape vines for saleTWIG has quite a variety of grapes that were propagated last fall and ready to be put in pots. We're excited about it, but we don't want to take care of them all for too long! You can have them for just $15.

Some of the varieties we have are: Lutie, Moored, Concord seedless, Agawam, St. Crois, Yates and Suffolk Red. Stop spending all that money on wine, and make your own!

In Italy some people grow grape vines up Maple trees.  I just found that out.  This is a concord grape vine we grew up a maple tree!  It's planted at the base of a nitrogen-fixing Russian Olive. More on that later...

Want to Install Your Landscape Yourself? TWIG Does DIY Landscape Plans

Landscape Planning
Want to install your landscape yourself but don't know where to start?  TWIG can guide you through the whole process.

First we develop a plan that will help you visualize what the finished design will look like. Then we do a scaled plot plan that will guide you in the planting process.

From start to finish, TWIG can help you get the landscape you have always dreamed of. With TWIG you can be assured of the right plant, in the right place - guaranteed!

Services Offered by TWIG ~ Need Something Special?  Call Us!

Spring Clean Ups

Spring clean up in New Boston NH
Spring clean up services offered by TWIG include edging, mulching, weeding, deadheading, compost topdressing, fertilizing, etc.

New Garden Design

Landscape design in Bedford NH
TWIG offers design and installation services for new sustainable gardens, including:  Edible and Vegetable Gardens, Lawn Alternatives, Permaculture, Rain Gardens, Meadow Gardens and Food Forests.

Annual Planting

TWIG plants annual flowers in Merrimack NH
In late spring, early summer and fall, TWIG offers annual planting services for containers, window boxes and beds.

Garden Maintenance

TWIG maintains gardens in Henniker NH
Fine garden maintenance services offered by TWIG include: weeding, edging, pruning mulching, compost topdressing and fertilizing.

Plant A Tree

TWIG plants trees in Amherst NH
TWIG offers "Plant A Tree" for special occasions or remembrance.  Its a wonderful gift that keeps on giving to commemorate a birth, wedding, anniversary or housewarming.

Container Gardens

TWIG designs container gardens in Dunbarton NH
TWIG offers container garden services for weddings, parties, events, holidays or to enhance your patio, deck and other outdoor spaces.

Curb Appeal Plans

TWIG adds curb appeal in Mont Vernon NH
Design services offered by TWIG include landscape plans to add curb appeal to your home, installed by TWIG or for DIY installation.


TWIG does pruning in Concord NH
TWIG offers pruning services for fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs.

Fall Clean Up

TWIG does fall clean up in Weare NH
Fall clean up services offered by TWIG include leaf removal (disposal on/off site, shredding for compost on site), preparing beds for winter, tree wrapping, sheet mulching and soil testing, etc.

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