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179 Loudon Rd, Unit 22, Concord, NH 03301 -  603-529-9634

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TWIG is a professional landscape design company in NH and ME

TWIG is a professional landscape design and consult company specializing in sustainable/organic creative landscape and garden design for homes and small businesses. We can also come a spend an hour or two and you can pick our brains on landscaping ideas or issues.

When it comes to landscape, planning is everything. TWIG can help you develop an overall plan for your outdoor area for installation yourself or by your favorite landscaper.

Plans can be done all at once for instant beauty or in stages as time, money and energy permit. We can advise on low maintenance, low impact, environmentally safe ways to enhance your property for years to come.

March 2014

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Wow, have we had enough of winter yet?  My prediction is our gardens will be spectacular this year with all the snow cover.  So, if you hate the snow now, be thankful for it this spring.  I am looking forward to heading to NH next week for a few weeks of pruning, classes and of course to see my grandbabies.  I have another grandson on the way, end of May!  Very excited, this will be my daughters first.  

We still have a few opening for pruning in the upcoming weeks.  Below is an article on the WHY's of pruning.  If you are going to attempt it yourself, there are some great You Tube videos, but then there are some real bad ones as well.  If you are going to watch any, concentrate on ones from either educational institutions or extension services.  

After a great garden series at the Peavey Public Library, I just want to extend my thanks to Dana and her staff for allowing us to invade the library this winter for our fireside chats.  We are enthusiastic about getting the Eastport Seed Saving Library going.  For anyone else interested, please contact me.  We need more people to get this ball rollin'.  We are having a meeting in April, just not finalized yet. 

I also want to thank the ladies at the Commons for welcoming us to Eastport!  Eastport is a great vacation destination and the Commons are a big part of it.  Visit their website at

I have met some wonderful people who are passionate about their gardens and are enthusiatic about maintaining an organic chemical free environment on the island.  The schools also have been involved with starting their own gardens using hugelkultur.  Exciting!

Many miles were walked this winter looking at all the trees on the island.  I am sad to say that there are a lot of them that are declining and the island seems to have way too many Norway Maples.  Some of the trees like the Camperdown Elms, the European Beeches planted by the British, the very large Little Leaf Lindens, the large Black Locusts, and the many fruitful apple trees make this island special.  And there is no bittersweet!!!

This winter with my husband retired from his full time job, it has given me time to organize and concentrate on offering the best services to our clients ever.    We are now able to take on a few more maintenance clients since we have hired help.  Don't hesitate to call or email.  Many times people just don't know what TWIG does.  Here is a list of services we provide for both TWIG NH and TWIG ME.  
  • Consulting
  • Gardening Classes/Walks/Talks - see below for list
  • Pruning of Fruit and Ornamental Trees/Shrubs
  • Plant a Tree for Someone for Special Occasions or Remembrance
  • Spring Clean Ups to include edging, mulching, weeding, deadheading, compost topdressing, fertilizing, etc.
  • Designs for or installation of new sustainable gardens that may include the following garden types:
    • Landscape/Curb appeal for the Do It Yourself-er              
    • Edible/Vegetable Gardens                  
    • Lawn Alternatives                   
    • Permaculture                     
    • Rain Gardens      
    • Hugelkulture/Keyhole Gardens           
    • Food Forests                
    • Meadow Gardens
  • Lawn Mowing - Mulch Mowing only (Eastport, Maine only)
  • Planting of Annuals – Late spring, early summer, fall – Containers, Window Boxes, Beds
  • Container Gardens for Parties, Weddings etc.
  • Fine Gardening Maintenance
  • Fall Clean Up to include leaf removal (disposal on/off site, shredded for compost on site), prepare beds for winter, tree wrapping, sheet mulching, soil tests etc.
  • Halloween/Christmas decorated containers and window boxes

Gift Certificates/Books Available at:             

Coming Soon

Be patient, Spring is coming....and we will all be gardening soon.


How it Starts

DIY Landscape Plans
Want to install your landscape yourself but don't know where to start? TWIG can guide you through the whole process.

First we develop a plan that will help you visualize what the finished design will look like. Then we do a scaled plot plan that will guide you in the planting process.

From start to finish, TWIG can help you get the landscape you have always dreamed of. With TWIG you can be assured of the right plant, in the right place - guaranteed!

Lives Depend on It

Native/Sustainable/Organic Gardens Designed!

Garden for the Future of Our ChildrenTell me you could see this face and not think about his future. Doug Tallamy said 'Garden as if your life depended on it',  Well, TWIG Horticultural Consulting LLC had it first whole season of being totally organic in 2011.

We need to think about the future for our children and our grandchildren. You can have vegetable gardens & landscapes organically. It can be done! New talks available on Sustainable Gardening and new classes at Concord, Goffstown and Merrimack Adult Education! (603) 491-9929.

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