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TWIG Newsletter - July 2013

TWIG Horticultural Consulting


TWIG July 2013 Newsletter

TWIG Horticultural Consulting designs landscapes
Happy 4th of July!

A week late sending out this newsletter with a lot of catching up to do!  All the rain, then the heat.  I don't know if our plants can take it or us for that matter.  Remember, plants are like people:  if you are hot and thirsty, so are they.

This past week was spent in Eastport--two TWIG Talks and an installation at Motel East.  Thanks to Wayne Clossey for his custom made mulch/compost mix.  This was made from all local materials including lobster shells and pure pine bark.  Would love to be able to get that in NH!

I haven't had a lot of time to post on Facebook lately, but now that the crunch of the season is winding down, I will be better at getting those tips and 'for your viewing pleasure' pix posted which everyone seems to enjoy.  

I also want to thank Branden, my new hire who has been a tremendous help through this very busy stressful beginning to the season.  He is really learning the ropes and I am very thankful to have him!  Also, thanks to Amy who has been putting these newsletters together.  She has really been a major help!

Here are some of the things TWIG will be doing in the upcoming months:  

Seed Saving Talk at the Hooksett Public Library  Thursday August 15th – 6:30 – 8:00 pm - The Hooksett Library will be starting a Seed library.  This is a trend that is really going to take off as more and more people start to grow their own food.  

Native and Invasive Identification Walk – Concord NH – Saturday September 28th – 9-12 pm.  Details forthcoming, check TWIG calendar soon.

Native and Invasive Identification Walk – Eastport Maine – October 12th – 1-3pm - $5 donation – Meet at Peavey Public Library, see TWIG calendar for details.

There will be several upcoming workshops offered at Concord Classes for Life this fall.  As soon as the schedule is confirmed, details will be passed along.

Looking for something to do Friday afternoons or Sunday mornings?  Moody Pond Marketplace in Weare is it.  For more information visit  
or  Lots of vendors from farmers to crafters.  And be sure to try the pizza....yum!

As always, TWIG is here for all your landscaping needs.  We can do create a design custom to your property for you to install or have us do it.  Some of our clients actually do the installation along with us to cut labor costs.  So many ways to get the landscape of your dreams, we can help!  Just give us a call!

Until next month...




Facebook As Resource

Instead of Book Recommendations this month, we thought we would list two great Facebook pages that you might want to check out.  Not all of you are on Facebook, but we find that we get a lot of great gardening information from it.  It is not just a social outlet.  Do you have favorites?  Pass them along!



Overuse of Fertilizer and Water in The Landscape

I can just look at a plant and know it has been over fertilized. Why didn't your hydrangea or dogwood bloom this year?  We often think that we just didn't give it enough fertilizer..... But in fact we might have given it too much or the wrong kind. Or a combination of over watering and over fertilizing which promotes excess green growth but no flower buds. While we can't always control the watering part, we can control our irrigation systems by having a rain sensor, watering only in the morning, and applying only an inch of water per week. Over watering a lawn causes multiple issues and diseases such as red thread. Doing soil tests and being on a regimented maintenance schedule is key to having healthy blooming plants.  What are the symptoms of over fertilization?  Note, * indicates over watering symptoms as well.

  • Yellowing of lower leaves
  • Stunted growth
  • Excessive growth of foliage with few blossoms*
  • Wilting of lower leaves
  • Brown tips on the leaves - brittle
  • Rotting roots*
  • Slow growth
  • Leaf drop*
  • Leaves are darker than they should be
  • Leaves are thicker than they should be
  • Leaves are blotchy
  • Burned roots

Over fertilization of plants increases the susceptibility to insect and disease problems.  Insects love the lush green growth of plants...aphids love it, yummy!  Excess fertilizer is not taken up by the plants, therefore it pollutes our ground water, creates algae blooms, kills fish, and contaminates our drinking water.  Need I say anything about the excess pesticides we use in our landscapes?
So....what is the solution?  Soil tests.  See what the soil needs before adding any fertilizer.  Using organic compost builds the soil over time and adds less concentration of nutrients over time.  As the soil is built, the need for watering is lessened, therefore your plants are less susceptible to insects and disease.  The more water and fertilizer used in the landscape, the more stressed the plant will be.  Plants going into dormancy should never be fertilized with nitrogen.  This pushes out lush green growth and does not concentrate on putting energy into the roots, important for overwintering.  

Put a rain gauge out in the garden so you know how much rain plants receive.  Remember, it is a whole different ball game for potted and newly installed plants....Knowing your soil type and nutrient content, knowing your specific plants needs, and having a regular maintenance schedule is key to having insect and disease free plants that bloom profusely.  TWIG's calendars sold around the holidays will customize a maintenance schedule for your garden.  Have that beautiful garden, protect the environment, and keep your plants healthy.

Native Trees

Thinking about attracting Butterflies to your garden?  We always tend to overlook our native trees as a vital food source for these insects, favoring flowering herbaceous plants instead.  If you look at the list below, however, take note of the trees that are common in NH and Maine. Check out how many species of moths and butterflies they support, perhaps you will think differently.
  • Oaks             Quercus species          Support 534 species of Butterflies/Moths
  • Birch            Betula species             Support 413 species of Butterflies/Moths
  • Crabapples   Malus species              Support 311 species of Butterflies/Moths

This information was taken from Doug Tallemy's book Bringing Nature eye opener for the many that read it. It can be ordered through TWIG's website under the Garden Shop Books.

Plant that native tree--your gardens will love you for it.  Biodiversity is key!


Bulbs for Fall Planting!

Fall will be here before we know it.  TWIG is now ordering bulbs for clients who wish to have TWIG install or do it themselves.  As we plant more and more bulbs, we have come up with the following installation fees for planting:
  • 100-300 bulbs – Installation $90 plus bulb cost
  • 400-500 bulbs – Installation $150 plus bulb cost
  • 600-800 bulbs – Installation $210 plus bulb cost
  • 900-1000 bulbs – Installation $270 plus bulb cost

Reminder – The more bulbs used in your landscape, the better the WOW effect. 

Choose from the following--combinations welcome. 

We will guarantee the bulbs to give you a show of color next spring (except for Tulips)

Available Bulbs:
  • Tulips
  • Daffodils
  • Grape Hyacinths
  • Allium
  • Scilla
  • Peony
  • Iris

For prices and recommendations for your yard, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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